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I do not often write reviews; however, this is a well deserved one. Having travelled far and wide and tested barbershops and salons in many parts of the world I have always had challenges. My hair is thick and curled and the beard tough. Very few have managed to handle it and even fewer makes it look good. That is the first expectation when buying a service, that it provides a satisfying result. Its hard enough knowing what look that suits you and therein lies the second expectation you need to get advice on what look that matches you. Other important elements are atmosphere, socializing (when appropriate) and additional services, that little extra that surpasses your expectations. I can honestly say that I have never experienced any place that have matched even half of my expectations, until now.On Demand Barbers handles my challenging hair in a highly skilled and professional manner. Suggests looks that matches not only your face and structure, but also character. Being a customer on the third year, I have only had perfect results. Clean and good cuts. The atmosphere is relaxed and balanced. You feel genuinely well treated and he also knows when to just deliver a perfect cut and leave you to yourself. Having already surpassed expectations, this place delivers a head/face massage worth going for alone. I can highly recommend this place; this guy provides extraordinary service and have sincere passion for his work.Like

Kim Alvarstein

Amazing barbershop😊first time I went there they offered me very good service and gave me a lot of advices for both my hair and saving beards. You can really feel that these people don't think about it as just a business but they seriously want their customers to be satisfied with everything from Products to having a treatment in the saloon. I just recently bought several products and so far haven't tested much but from the first impressions I have a love the product so I believe that will continue. Thanks to all in the barbershop and if you haven't been here you definitely should

Sigurd Dager

One of the best or actually the best Barber in Oslo City. This man is self made. Working like a champion from early hours and closes at 9. Mucoss is a gentleman, friendly, easygoing, reflected and an opportunist.
His little and sweet but manly hair salon is always clean and on point. If you are looking for a haircut or need to fix/trim your beard, this is the place to go. Mucoss is always dedicated and he dedicates one hour for every customer he has, his detailed work is a masterpiece. He takes his time where other barbers just drop doing some things. His equipment is always clean and he has something for everyone. His beard products are also rare and really good. Overall this is the place and the person you want around your face, beard and head when you wanna stay fresh. A must go. Enjoy this. Peace.

Hanad Ahmed

I came as a tourist to Oslo and wanted a clean and proper haircut before heading further north. Roky was my barber and he went over all my expectations. Not only is he a very nice guy, he also listened exactly what I said and executed the haircut very precisely. I left the barber shop happy and with a big smile. There is only one thing that I regret: I won’t be in Oslo in four or five weeks when I need a new haircut.

Christian Wueest

Here you will find the best barbers in Oslo who understand what suits you best without an single doubt. Skills 10/10 and Mucos make sure you look and smell extra fresh when you get out of the shop! Always had genuine conversations during the service and he makes sure you are comfortable.

To dont forget to mention it's The only #Barbershop in Oslo where you can drink an beer and get an haircut in the same time. Always available parking in Byporten right under the shop. True deserved 10 stars experience. Well done ON DEMAND BARBERS! The best of the bests!

Tomm Askelanid

Very professional, polite, funny, don't rush anything and very good at what he do! Best haircut I have had in years!
And the perfumes he got, I have never smelled anything like it! Very different, but I like it!
I found a place I like and will continue to use Mucos from now on!

Erlend Romsås

When you walk into this really cool shop, you feel welcome at once. Extremely skilled, lots of knowledge, good advice, and perfect results.
On top of this, they offer many awesome products!
What more can you ask for..?

It's amazing when you notice people love their job, and are passionate about doing it well.
Mucos is definitely one of those, and I'm happy he's my regular barber.

Vegard Sundnes

Getting a haircut and a beard trim at "On Demand Barbers" is such a relaxing experience that makes you want to go there very often. Mucos is a very professional barber who does his job extremely well, apart from being such a cool and friendly guy who guides you to take the best decision on what is best for your looks... He is the best ... I'm always really satisfied and grateful !!!!!!

Federico Zuluaga

The most amazing barber in town! Nice conversations and great quality products for your hair and beard. This guy sells the best perfumes you’ll ever smell! Highly recommending⭐️

Petter Winther-Brose